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Residential Design / Renovation / Remodel 

Agius Architects are one of the most innovative Architecture Firms in South Pasadena, specializing in New Residential Architecture Design, Historic Residence Renovations, and Historic Home Additions and Remodels.  When designing a home renovation or a home remodel for your residence in Pasadena and surrounding cities, great care must be taken to preserve existing historic residence exterior facades.  Planning departments normally require that front and side yard facades remain as originally constructed with all original fenestration.  Original doors and windows need to remain, thus contradicting building codes that call for strict heat transfer/ energy efficiency requirements. This juxtaposition between old and new architecture is precisely where Agius Architects can help.  Our team of Architects are recognized experts in the fields of architectural design, exterior wall consulting and energy efficient building design.  Therefore, if you are considering a home renovation and/ or home remodel, look no further than Agius Architects for Architecture Services in South Pasadena, Pasadena and surrounding cities. We understand that your home is your personal statement and it is our commitment to design the space of your dreams whilst still complying with all local historic planning requirements and California Building Codes.​

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